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Ladders to Heaven (Leiterli-Spiel) des Museum Rietberg Zürich für iPhone & iPad Spiel

Ladders to HeavenDieses iPad/iPhone* Game ist eine Neuinterpretation des indischen Brettspiels «Snakes and Ladders». Die Ästhetik und Musik des Spiels beruhen auf altindischer Malerei und indischen Rhythmen. Jetzt gratis herunterladen im AppStore! Ein Besuch der Ausstellungen des Museum Rietberg in Zürich lohnt sich! * kompatibel mit den neuen Modellen des iPod touch

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Workshop for Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen (Netherlands)

Participants from different age groups and cultural backgrounds instantly make music together. They gain self-confidence by making music together even without previous experience. Site-specific workshops for educational and cultural institutions are conducted in English, German, Dutch and French. About this video clip Manickam Yogeswaran recapitulates the variation on a traditional rhythmic pattern created by students. Workshop at […]


Learning from one another

In their 1930 discussion, Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein sought to overcome the predicament that “really good music, whether of the East or of the West, cannot be analyzed [Einstein] … and what deeply affects the hearer is beyond himself [Tagore]” It is in this spirit of learning from one another that we invite fellow […]

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De “karnatische” muziek van Zuid-India

In de zogenaamde “karnatische” muziek van Zuid-India vormt elke compositie, lied, gedicht, dans of kunstwerk een steentje in een groot mozaïek. Volgens de Indiase traditie verrijken de kunsten het leven van iedereen. Muziek wordt als de makkelijkste manier beschouwd om dit ideaal naar de praktijk te vertalen. Het Sanskriet woord sampurna (spreek uit: sampoerna) betekent […]

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Manickam Yogeswaran – reviews

“A singer in the Indian classical tradition, a great improviser and someone who brings a completely different approach to intonation.” – SINGER MAGAZINE “The contemporary feel of the music is a result of the catchy harmonies and melodies melding perfectly with the historical roots and Tamil musicianship. … Astounding!” – Matthew Forss – “Laced with […]

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Carnatic music workshops for all

Melodious music and captivating rhythms in which to get immersed; joyfully and immediately; with self-confidence yet always together even without having any previous experience. Site-specific workshops can be arranged and conducted in English, German, Dutch and French. Testimonials >> For further inquiries, please send us an email >>

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Peace For Paradise – CD Review by Matthew Forss

CD Review: Yogeswaran Manickam’s ‘Peace For Paradise’   Yogeswaran Manickam Peace For Paradise | Fuego Wednesday, July 13, 2011 The Sri Lankan-born, U.K.-based musician incorporates peaceful melodies and Indian classicism with historical, poetic works and a modern instrument repertoire. A mix of Tamil and English lyric songs include the sitar, darabuka, oud, accordion, guitar, violin, flute, and […]