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Thessaloniki ISME 30 World Conference Abstracts on ISSUU

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Paper and Lecture Recital at the International Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung – Goettingen

Music | Musics. Structures and Processes15th International Conference of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung Goettingen Paper and Lecture Recital by Ludwig Pesch & Manickam YogeswaranFriday, 7 Sept. 2012 (15:00-16:00) Read/download the paper published in Musik – Politik – Identität / Music – Politics – Identity (2016) >> Unity in diversity, antiquity in contemporary practice? A fresh look at South Indian […]

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Indian music and the west – an account by Sangita Kalanidhi Trichy Sankaran

Mridangam maestro Trichy Sankaran The Hindu, 31 Dec. 2011 Tiruvarur to Texas, Carnatic musicians have transcended global cultures, echoing the seven notes to the West. Trichy Sankaran,to be honoured with the Sangita Kalanidhi today, summarises Carnatic music’s history in America in a chat with critic Veejay Sai While everyone is aware of how Hindustani music became […]

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A Musical Lotus Pond – workshop at ISME 2012 World Conference

PurposeProbing the depths of Indian sounds and symbols both for their interdisciplinary potential and intrinsic value. ContentWe pool musical, visual and numerical motifs. Sounds, hand gestures and movements link two school subjects within a single session; and more subjects wherever this approach lends itself to being integrated into a curriculum. MethodThe “Musical Lotus Pond” is […]

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Global Music Academy – Berlin workshops and regular courses by Manickam Yogeswaran

Manickam Yogeswaran teaches the following courses at the Global Music Academy  campus: “Tha Ka Dhi Mi” (solkattu and kanjira-drumming techniques) “Tanam, Thanam Anantham – Schönheit und Freude am karnatischen Gesang“ (vocal lesson or workshop) “Mridangam“ – das rhythmische Fundament südindischer Musik” (rhythm lesson or workshop)  “Venu Ghanam” (flute lesson or workshop) For dates and other details […]

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Manickam Yogeswaran – reviews

“A singer in the Indian classical tradition, a great improviser and someone who brings a completely different approach to intonation.” – SINGER MAGAZINE “The contemporary feel of the music is a result of the catchy harmonies and melodies melding perfectly with the historical roots and Tamil musicianship. … Astounding!” – Matthew Forss – “Laced with […]

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Carnatic music workshops for all

Melodious music and captivating rhythms in which to get immersed; joyfully and immediately; with self-confidence yet always together even without having any previous experience. Site-specific workshops can be arranged and conducted in English, German, Dutch and French. Testimonials >> For further inquiries, please send us an email >>