Listen to Thirukkural by Manickam Yogeswaran


In our aiume workshops we create melodies and rhythms to facilitate joint music making instantly. No prior experience or knowledge of Indian music is required.

Sample sound track for workshops
Listen to Thirukkural
Source: Peace for Paradise CD
Track 1 Thirukkural by Manickam Yogeswaran (composer & singer)

Yogeswaran’s music is steeped in the Temple traditions of South India.

He is a disciple of Padmabushan Sangitha Kalanidhi Sri T V Gopalakrishnan.

Yogeswaran performs worldwide: from traditional “Carnatic” formats (accompanied by violin, mirdangam, kanjira and tambura) to orchestras just as in musicals and in the context of Western contemporary music.

As noted by Indian and Western reviewers, his concerts are marked by a rear blend of creativity, virtuosity and high emotive quality.

He was the first ever Tamil voice in Hollywood.

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