Finger paint session – concluding A Musical Lotus Pond

Song lyrics: Radha mukha kamala (“He who delights in the nectar of the lotus that is Radha’s face”); opening line of a kriti by Carnatic composer Papanasam Sivan (Kapi raga and adi tala) Demonstration: Manickam YogeswaranConcept: Ludwig Pesch © Introductory video and more information >> Contributions to world conferences of the International Society for Music Education […]

A Musical Lotus Pond – introductory video

Indian culture fosters concentration and teamwork. It is therefore no coincidence that the ubiquitous lotus motif symbolizes the aspiration to rise above the ordinary and beyond predictability. Performance: Eva Isolde BalzerVoice and tambura: Manickam YogeswaranConcept: Ludwig Pesch Eva is an actress involved in contemporary theatre and classical Indian dance. Her performance evokes a biotope where beauty […]

Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala

ISBN-13: 978-90-75785-04-3 (ISBN-10: 90-75785-04-6)Amsterdam, Ekagrata Publications 2006Preview (slideshow) >> This colourful book creates opportunities to enjoy making music together without any prior training in Indian music on the parts of teachers and their pupils. “Making music together” means nothing more or less than using half an hour in a constructive manner without lengthy preparations, equipment, […]