A Musical Lotus Pond – ISME 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece

Workshop Date: Monday 16 July 16:00-16:45 Venue: M2 Flat Hall 1 The workshop celebrates the capacity of all educators to bring beauty into the lives of children, young people and adults – not only music specialists. This includes those for whom such an experience may so far have seemed a distant dream. Here we explore the integration of elements found […]

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Indian music in intercultural education – ISME Glasgow 2016

Whatever we understand and enjoy in human products instantly becomes ours, wherever they might have their origin – Rabindranath Tagore* During this presentation, musical figures from several distinct traditions were explored in a practice-oriented manner. The figures selected are appealing beyond South Asia where they originated many centuries ago and continue to play a key role in classical and […]

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Contribution to the world conference of the International Society for Music Education in Glasgow – ISME 2016

“Yours figuratively: Indian music in intercultural education” Date: Thursday 28th July 2016 (17:15 – 18:15) Venue: AGOS Studio Paper Number: 704.00 | Submission Category: Demonstration/Workshop Special Interest Group (SIG): Practice & Research in Integrated Music Education For more details, kindly check the  isme2016glasgow.org website during the conference  (24-29 July 2016) Abstract Music counts among the proverbial “64 arts and skills” of ancient […]

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ISME World conference in Glasgow from 24 to 29 July 2016

We look forward to seeing you (again), either at 2016 World conference of the International Society for Music Education in Glasgow (24-29 July), or anywhere else >>  

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Beiträge zu den Weltkonferenzen der internationalen Gesellschaft für Musikerziehung (ISME)

DE | EN Tippen Sie einfach “isme” in das Suchfenster, um Informationen über unsere Beiträgen zu den Weltkonferenzen der internationalen Gesellschaft für Musikerziehung (ISME.org) zu erhalten.


EN | DE For information about our contributions to several of ISME’s world conferences for music education (ISME.org), simply type “isme” in the search window. Thanks for your interest – looking forward to seeing you at the next ISME world conference in Glasgow (24-29 July 2016) or anywhere else; i.e. wherever the cause of education is served by (1) […]

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Thessaloniki ISME 30 World Conference Abstracts on ISSUU

A Musical Lotuspond workshop at the ISME 2012 world conference

We believe that good practice in music education means that we contribute to other disciplines and therefore work with teachers not (yet) trained in music. As part of this ongoing quest, we have been working with fellow educators from all over the world for many years. During the Thessaloniki world conference we associated ourselves with […]

Small string instrument and bamboo tambura introduced to an international public – ISME 2012 concerts

The small plucked instrument (Tamil yal or yazh) was presented for the first time to a discerning global audience at the ISME 2012 World Conference of Music Education. The three South Indian classical vocal concerts by “Yoga” Manickam Yogeswaran were accompanied by Ludwig Pesch playing a bamboo tambura newly designed by Klangwerkstatt in Berlin in collaboration with Norbert Klippstein and Yogendra Jens […]

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A Musical Lotuspond ISME 2012 – impressions of a successful world conference for music education