True happiness according to Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore sketched by Dutch artist Martin Monnickendam during a lecture tour in September 1920 © Stadsarchief Amsterdam

“True happiness is not at all expensive. It depends upon that natural spring of beauty and of life, harmony of relationship. Ambition pursues its own path of self-seeking by breaking this bond of harmony, digging gaps, creating dissension. Selfish ambition feels no hesitation in trampling under foot the whole harvest field, which is for all, in order to snatch away in haste that portion which it craves. Being wasteful it remains disruptive of social life and the greatest enemy of civilization.” | Read the full lecture >>

Source: Rabindranath Tagore in “Robbery of the soil” (Calcutta University, 1922), posted by Tony Mitra on a blog “Exploring citizens duty on food security, environmental sustainability, covid and freedom issues” (27 September 2015)
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In staat zijn om vreugde te vinden in de vreugde van anderen, dat is het geheim van geluk – Bernanos
(geciteerd door Frédéric Lenoir in La Puissance de la joie, Le Livre de Poche)

Adapting Indian Universals in Music Education staat voor programma’s voor kinderen, jongeren en volwassenen op basis van muziek uit Zuid-India: met “kleurrijke” melodieën en boeiende ritmes versterken we interculturele banden tussen kinderen, jongeren en volwassenen.

Door dit meteen samen te doen beleven we niet alleen wat spontane creativiteit betekent, maar bevorderen we het zelfvertrouwen van gezonde mensen net als mensen met een beperking. Dit kan zowel binnen als buiten, zonder ingewikkelde voorbereidingen en – indien gewenst – in combinatie met andere programma’s.


Glück ist seine Freude in der Freude anderer zu finden – Bernanos
(zitiert von Frédéric Lenoir in La Puissance de la joie, Le Livre de Poche)

Die englische Bezeichnung AIUME steht für “Adapting Indian Universals in Music Education”: respektvollen Zugang zu einer Kultur, in der Musik als Schlüssel zum interkulturellen Dialog wie auch zur Entdeckung der eigenen Kreativität gilt.

Mit berührenden Melodien und mitreißenden Rhythmen helfen wir Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen, sich auf freudige und selbstbewusste Weise auf das gemeinsame Musizieren einzulassen. Dafür sind keinerlei Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.


The ability of finding joy in the joy of others – voilà: the secret of happiness – Bernanos
(quoted by Frédéric Lenoir in La Puissance de la joie, Le Livre de Poche)

AIUME encapsulates our way of building bridges in an atmosphere of mutual respect: Adapting Indian Universals in Music Education. This is about providing access to a culture wherein music has long fostered intercultural collaboration and creativity.

We enrich the lives of children, young people and adults by immersing ourselves in melodious music and captivating rhythms – joyfully and spontaneously, with self-confidence yet always together.


Être capable de trouver sa joie dans la joie de l’autre: voilà le secret du bonheur – Bernanos cité par Frédéric Lenoir
(La Puissance de la joie, Le Livre de Poche)

Adapting Indian Universals in Music Education veut dire: promouvoir la collaboration interculturelle et la créativité par la musique Indienne. Nos activités musicales ont enrichi la vie d’enfants, de jeunes et d’adultes pour qui la musique n’était qu’un rêve lointain: une musique mélodieuse et basée sur des rythmes envoûtants.

Nous y plongeons joyeusement et spontanément – et toujours ensemble.

From India with love : Timeless Tales in Translation

‘Words travel worlds and the translator does the driving‘! Whoever said this has hit the nail right on the head. How else could great epics like Odyssey cross the shores of Greece and reach every corner of the world? In a world that is increasingly becoming international, stories from across cultures and languages take center stage. Award winning author Chaitali Sengupta [LinkedIn] takes the driving seat in ‘Timeless Tales in Translation‘ to bring selected classic Indian short stories to the Netherlands. | Read more >>

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Whatever is true and noble in life, nature and art is also beautiful” – Rabindranath Tagore quoted by the Archaeological Survey of India (Unesco) >>