Rabindranath Tagore on new creations: a fundamental human need

Rabindranath Tagore sketched by Dutch artist Martin Monnickendam during a lecture tour in September 1920 © Stadsarchief Amsterdam

“It is not the distinctive quality of man to be a mere repetition of his ancestors. Animals cling to the nests of their effete habits; man expresses himself age after age in new creations.”– Rabindranath Tagore in 19311

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The acclaimed BBC 4 podcast series titled Incarnations: India in 50 Lives has also been published in book form (Allen Lane).

“I was moved by how many of these lives pose challenges to the Indian present,” he writes, “and remind us of future possibilities that are in danger of being closed off.”2

Notes & references
  1. Tagore on Gandhi, New Delhi 2008, p. 31[]
  2. Sunil Khilnani quoted in a review by William Dalrymple in The Guardian, 14 March 2016[]

True happiness according to Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore sketched by Dutch artist Martin Monnickendam during a lecture tour in September 1920 © Stadsarchief Amsterdam

“True happiness is not at all expensive. It depends upon that natural spring of beauty and of life, harmony of relationship. Ambition pursues its own path of self-seeking by breaking this bond of harmony, digging gaps, creating dissension. Selfish ambition feels no hesitation in trampling under foot the whole harvest field, which is for all, in order to snatch away in haste that portion which it craves. Being wasteful it remains disruptive of social life and the greatest enemy of civilization.” | Read the full lecture >>

Source: Rabindranath Tagore in “Robbery of the soil” (Calcutta University, 1922), posted by Tony Mitra on a blog “Exploring citizens duty on food security, environmental sustainability, covid and freedom issues” (27 September 2015)
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Zusammen sind wir stark! von Martin Kämpchen

Als klassisches Vorlesebuch konzipiert, lädt diese Geschichtensammlung Eltern und Großeltern dazu ein, sich gemeinsam mit ihren Vor- und Grundschulkindern in eine uns ferne Lebenswelt entführen zulassen. Es sind Erzählungen zum gemeinsamen Erleben, zum Staunen und zum Wundern. Das Buch ist sparsam und einfach illustriert: Kohlezeichnungen des indischen Künstlers Sanyasi Lohar wechseln mit zeichnungsartig verfremdeten Fotografien des Ortes Merangdi und seiner Umgebung ab.

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