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Yves Rousguisto playing a newly made « galoubet » (flute Provençale)

After making and tuning this beautiful reed flute within about half an hour, Yves Rousguisto plays it to demonstrate its fingering. More information about musician, musicologist, teacher and instrument maker Yves Rousguisto is found on his homepage and social media account: taken in Vence on 15 June 2019 by Ludwig Pesch (recipient of […]

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Video | Chor@Berlin 2017: Ode an die Nacht (Ausschnitt)

Chor@Berlin 2017: Ode an die Nacht (Ausschnitt) from Deutscher Chorverband on Vimeo. Mit „Ode an die Nacht“ gelangte im Rahmen von Chor@Berlin am 24. Februar 2017 im Radialsystem V das letzte Werk von Harald Weiss’ „Darkness Project“ zur Uraufführung. Kammerchor Berlin (Einstudierung: Stefan Rauh) Concentus Neukölln – Ensemble der Musikschule Paul-Hindemith, Neukölln (Einstudierung: Thomas Hennig) […]

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Video | Vocalist Manickam Yogeswaran at the Global Music Academy in Berlin

Manickam Yogeswaram is teaching South Indian Carnatic singing at the Global Music Academy in Berlin.  Stop by or sign up here >> Address Bergmannstr. 29 |  10961 Berlin | Germany | More about Manickam Yogeswaram >>

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Flower song from Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala

Vaitari, A musical picture book from KeralaSong for page 13 This colourful book creates opportunities to enjoy making music together without any prior training in Indian music on the parts of teachers and their pupils. “Making music together” means nothing more or less than using half an hour in a constructive manner without lengthy preparations, […]

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Video | Manickam Yogeswaran on sharing Carnatic music worldwide

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Workshop for Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen (Netherlands)

Participants from different age groups and cultural backgrounds instantly make music together. They gain self-confidence by making music together even without previous experience. Site-specific workshops for educational and cultural institutions are conducted in English, German, Dutch and French. About this video clip Manickam Yogeswaran recapitulates the variation on a traditional rhythmic pattern created by students. Workshop at […]