A Musical Lotus Pond – introductory video

Indian culture fosters concentration and teamwork. It is therefore no coincidence that the ubiquitous lotus motif symbolizes the aspiration to rise above the ordinary and beyond predictability.

Performance: Eva Isolde Balzer
Voice and tambura: Manickam Yogeswaran
Concept: Ludwig Pesch

Eva is an actress involved in contemporary theatre and classical Indian dance. Her performance evokes a biotope where beauty flourishes in unexpected ways.

She provides us with a practical as well as inspirational introduction to the musical lotus pond: the transformation of a sheet of plain paper becomes a source of delight for children, their parents and educators.

During the workshop, musical motifs link different subjects. Its purpose is to instantly explore the scope for integrated education together. Each participant embellishes a sheet of paper containing numbers and shapes. These form the basis for musical activities.

At the conclusion, the sheets are folded into small cones resembling the “school cones” traditionally used to entice European children to attend school. Children will spontaneously share their experiences with peers and family members.

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Song lyrics: Radha mukha kamala (“He who delights in the nectar of the lotus that is Radha’s face”); opening line of a kriti by Carnatic composer Papanasam Sivan (Kapi raga and adi tala)

Complete Sanskrit lyrics by composer Paapanaasam Shivan
raadha mukhakamala
raagam: hindustaani kaapi
22 kharaharapriyaa janya
Aa: S R2 M1 P N2 S
Av: S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 M1 D2 P G2 R2 S N2
taaLam: aadi

Language: Sanskrit
rAdhA mukha kamala madhu rasikam
cEtO bhaja sadA yadutilakam
caraNam 1
sAdhu janAvana dhrta shishu rUpam smaraNa mAtra Hrudha smrti tApam
caraNam 2
mAyA prapanca nATaka sUtra dhAram vraja gOdhULi dhUsarita sharIram
caraNam 3
vidhimukha vinutham srutipira gaNitam dadhi navanItha surabi vadanam tam


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