Site-specific courses and workshops

Melodious music and captivating rhythms in which to immerse ourselves joyfully and spontaneously; with self-confidence yet always together!  – feedback >>

Workshop at the Prince ClausConservatoire Groningen (Netherlands)
Workshop at the Prince ClausConservatoire Groningen (Netherlands)

For whom are the courses and workshops are intended?

  • performers and students (musicians, actors and dancers)
  • urban youths (outreach and rehabilitation programmes)
  • members of cultural and educational institutions
  • learners with special needs
  • corporate events particularly cultural integration
  • museum visitors exhibitions (children with parents)

AIUME workshops are generally combined with performances involving participants (optionally for other invitees). To achieve aiume’s objectives, we research, publish and create music that can be taught wherever people live, learn and work. This is mostly done in the context of interdisciplinary education for all age groups. More >>