Workshop titled “A Musical Lotuspond” at the ISME world conference in Thessaloniki

We advocate “Music for All” and work in consultation with employers, educators, festival organisers and exhibition curators in many countries. What do we all have in common? A belief that musical self-expression matters to individuals and communities alike.

For this we have contributed to ISME world conferences for music education in Kuala Lumpur, Bologna, Thessaloniki and Glasgow. In consultation with our hosts we develop site specific events for different audiences or age groups; these include schools, conservatories and institutions for higher learning/teacher training including Chennai, Aarau and Bern (Switzerland), Würzburg and Göttingen (Germany), and Groningen (Netherlands); and a pioneering e-learning programme in collaboration with renowned institutions (

We have contributed to the work of institutions where intercultural orientation is the rule rather than seen as exceptional including Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge), Museum Rietberg (Zürich), Montessori schools and conservatories in the Netherlands and France. It goes without saying that we also cooperate with smaller cultural institutions just as festivals organized by committed citizens.

Our presentations and workshops celebrate cultural diversity as the hallmark of any democratic society; and this in a creative manner: rather than depending on “ideal” conditions, we can make a difference even where time, facilities or musical instruments are short in supply; this includes successful collaborations with rehabilitation programmes in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.

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