Flower song from Vaitari: A musical picture book from Kerala

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Vaitari, A musical picture book from Kerala
Song for page 13

This colourful book creates opportunities to enjoy making music together without any prior training in Indian music on the parts of teachers and their pupils. “Making music together” means nothing more or less than using half an hour in a constructive manner without lengthy preparations, equipment, or instruments. In our approach, the use of voice and hands are wholly sufficient to participate; and pictures serve to get children involved and motivate them to draw and paint themselves before or after each lessons. But if time is limited to a single session, teachers are offered plenty to choose from and make those shared moments memorable and enjoyable.

More information about Vaitari, A musical picture book from Kerala is found on the project website: www.sam.mimemo.net (English) | Deutsch >>

“Flow” in music for integrated education and lifetime learning

“Just as flow is a prerequisite for mastery in a craft, profession, or art, so too with learning. Students who get into flow as they study do better, quite apart from their potential as measured by achievement tests.” – Daniel Goleman in Emotional Intelligence

Learn more in the context of a free, raga-based exercise that can be taught and practiced anywhere, any time with a modicum of experience and perseverance >>

A Musical Lotuspond ISME 2012 – impressions of a successful world conference for music education

Our ISME 2012 workshop titled A Musical Lotuspond was greeted with great interest by a full house of music educators from all over the world. The atmosphere of the entire world conference was inspiring and thought provoking. We also sensed a sense of urgency motivating all participants to learn from one another and share their experiences. In this manner we all seek to reach out to young and adult learners, including those for who making music has so far remained a distant dream – the very motivation for designing this new type of workshop: expanding the range of intercultural expression within the context of integrated learning; and this even with a minimum of resources.

Two special instruments – one known as yal in ancient Tamil literature, and a newly developed bamboo tambura – met with  special interest among fellow presenters and young participants alike.

Ladders to Heaven (Leiterli-Spiel) des Museum Rietberg Zürich für iPhone & iPad Spiel

Rietberg_Leiterli_icon_ApngLadders to Heaven
Dieses iPad/iPhone* Game ist eine Neuinterpretation des indischen Brettspiels «Snakes and Ladders». Die Ästhetik und Musik des Spiels beruhen auf altindischer Malerei und indischen Rhythmen. Jetzt gratis herunterladen im AppStore!

Ein Besuch der Ausstellungen des Museum Rietberg in Zürich lohnt sich!

* kompatibel mit den neuen Modellen des iPod touch

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