A Musical Lotuspond ISME 2012 – impressions of a successful world conference for music education




Lotuspond_Music_IMG_5203Our ISME 2012 workshop titled A Musical Lotuspond was greeted with great interest by a full house of music educators from all over the world. The atmosphere of the entire world conference was inspiring and thought provoking. We also sensed a sense of urgency motivating all participants to learn from one another and share their experiences. In this manner we all seek to reach out to young and adult learners, including those for who making music has so far remained a distant dream – the very motivation for designing this new type of workshop: expanding the range of intercultural expression within the context of integrated learning; and this even with a minimum of resources. Two special instruments, one known as yal in ancient Tamil literature, and the newly developed bamboo tambura, met with  great interest by fellow presenters at participants – read more >>