Peace For Paradise – CD Review by Matthew Forss

CD Review: Yogeswaran Manickam’s ‘Peace For Paradise’

Peace For Paradise | Fuego Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sri Lankan-born, U.K.-based musician incorporates peaceful melodies and Indian classicism with historical, poetic works and a modern instrument repertoire. A mix of Tamil and English lyric songs include the sitar, darabuka, oud, accordion, guitar, violin, flute, and various percussion and keyboard arrangements. The contemporary feel of the music is a result of the catchy harmonies and melodies melding perfectly with the historical roots and Tamil musicianship. As a film composer, Yoga M. has gained exposure creating pop, dance, new age, and global rhythms that sound majestic and infectious. The ten songs represent a solid mix of talented musicians, instruments, and contemporary arrangements without the typical raga or snake charmer stereotype designations. In particular, the music is fresh, emotive, and a blessing to listen to. Anyone with an interest in Indian/South Asian global musicians should definitely check it out. The most comparable group could be a fictional meeting of Tulku and Trilok Gurtu. Astounding! ~ Matthew Forss

Yogeswaran’s music is steeped in the Temple traditions of South India.

He is a disciple of Padmabushan Sangitha Kalanidhi Sri T V Gopalakrishnan.

Yogeswaran performs worldwide: from traditional “Carnatic” formats (accompanied by violin, mirdangam, kanjira and tambura) to orchestras just as in musicals and in the context of Western contemporary music.

As noted by Indian and Western reviewers, his concerts are marked by a rear blend of creativity, virtuosity and high emotive quality.

He was the first ever Tamil voice in Hollywood.

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In true music there is no place for communal differences and hostility. True music is created only when life is attuned to a single tune and a single time beat. Music is born only where the strings of the heart are not out of tune.

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