Video | Everyone deserves to play music – BBC & #IAmMySong

A Cookstown teenager has teamed up with the Afghan Women’s Orchestra to star in a music video aimed at peace-building and supporting women’s rights.
Cara Monaghan will perform on the song Gham Be Haya with Afghanistan’s first women’s orchestra – also known as Ensemble Zohra – as part of a partnership with local charity Beyond Skin, funded by the Community Relations Council.
Since recording the song, the Ministry of Education in Afghanistan has banned girls older than 12 from singing in public arenas.
The campaign #IAmMySong has been launched to reverse this decision.

Source: BBC News 13 April 2021
Date visited: 29 April 2021

In true music there is no place for communal differences and hostility. True music is created only when life is attuned to a single tune and a single time beat. Music is born only where the strings of the heart are not out of tune.

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